Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eagles release WR Marvin McNutt

Hmm, someone should really pick this guy up.  He was drafted in the 6th round last year, though many a geek thought he should have gone higher.  Unfortunately for Marvin, the Eagles probably weren't the best landing spot for him, since their wide receiver depth was already pretty good.

McNutt is 6'2" tall, 217 pounds and ran a 4.48 forty yard dash.  In his last year in college he had 1315 yards on 82 receptions, which was 27.1% of his teams offense.  The average result would be about 17.78%, so Marvin was significantly more productive than the average player.  In his next to last college year, he had 861 yard on 53 receptions, for 17.29% of the teams offense.  The average result here would be 15.32%.

Player                  Kangaroo Score   Agility Score     Athletic Score   Stat Score    Total    
Marvin McNutt            0.727                -0.049                0.596                  0.755             0.660

From what I have seen, his hands aren't exactly amazing, but they are good enough.  He's big, fairly fast and explosive, and more agile than you would typically expect for a big guy.   You can compare him to some other big receivers that I listed here.  Sometimes he'll drop a catchable ball, but then he'll follow it up with some ridiculous one-handed reception.  It will be interesting to see where he winds up.

I'll try to update this post when I find out where he lands.

Update 5/15: He seems to have been picked up by the Dolphins.  Not what I would have hoped for, but it could be worse, opportunity wise.


  1. Meh he's screwed being stuck behind the crappy WR's in miami. (Mike wallace,brian hartline,brandon gibson) all of those WR's suck. Mike wallace is a one trick pony who is bad in the locker room and drops a lot of passes,Brian hartline is a slower receiver who has consistensy issues,Brandon gibson is a WR who is borderline rosterable (should really be a on a practice squad somewhere). You have a really good scoring system on this site (it lacks the mental part but as you said earlier hard to account for) Your articles are very intresting you pay attention to lower drafted players such kush,worrilow,McNutt. Also love the fact your a ravens fan i am as well. Anyway thanks for reading this comment if you read it.

    1. Yeah, I'm not thrilled with where he wound up. It would have been nice to see him land on a team that was more likely to give him a chance. I used to have the same opinion of Wallace that you do (one trick pony), but he kind of impressed me last year, by doing more than just going deep. He started to become a better, more well-rounded, type of receiver, though his stats took a minor hit at the same time. Gibson and Hartline aren't bad, but are probably limited in terms of potential. I kind of get a kick out of seeing Hartline become relatively successful, despite his poor measurables. It keeps things interesting.

      I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. I'm going to tend to write about lesser known prospects, just because there isn't much point in going over the well known guys that have been discussed to death. Plus, it is more interesting to me when someone emerges as a star, when nobody thought much of them.

      I may be critical of the Ravens at times, but that is just because I'm so familiar with them. It's easier to get annoyed when your home team screws up, though I always wish them the best.

  2. I wouldn't exactly call hartline succesful that 1,000 yard season was a fluke.... (he caught 1 TD ouch) He'll lose targets to wallace and all the other crap receivers in miami....

    1. I have little doubt that is true, but he still accomplished more last year than I would have expected.