Friday, February 28, 2014

The Miami Connection

Seeing the recent rumor on PFT that the Dolphins may be seeking to trade 2013 3rd overall pick, Dion Jordan, I just had to giggle like a damned fool. 

I have my doubts that such a trade will ever be done, as it seems so preposterous, but I fully support it, in theory.  With his -0.216 Kangaroo Score, and 0.426 Agility Score, in combination with a mediocre result of just 11.75 tackles for a loss averaged in his final two years in college, I was never really a fan of his.  At best, I would have viewed him as perhaps a 5th round prospect, and that is actually being somewhat generous.  That doesn't mean he can't find some degree of success at some point, but I feel the likelihood of it being sustained and substantial is probably rather slim.  Still, I'm sure that someone will be willing to give him a second shot, just based off of his draft status.  Hell, the Colts traded for Trent Richardson, so crazy things can happen.  Jordan's real opportunity might come as a more conventional 4-3 linebacker, with lower expectations of him as a pass rusher.  That is where I think he is probably a better fit in terms of athletic ability.

In a similar way, I seem to see people discussing whether their team should bring in offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, also from Miami.  Perhaps this is another case of people only looking at where a player was drafted, and convincing themselves that "Surely, there must be some talent here".  Or, maybe, people think he was just held back due the the alleged bullying he supposedly experienced.  Well, looking at his numbers, he has a 0.248 Kangaroo Score, and a 0.316 Agility Score (these shouldn't be directly compared to Dion Jordan's numbers, as they only show how each player compares to others at their position group).  Martin's results aren't terrible, but basically put him into a bin that largely contains mediocrities.  These aren't the sort of results that should have gotten him drafted in the 2nd round.  I suspect that Miami will be just as well off with him gone.  Still, there are a lot of truly horrible offensive linemen out there, so maybe Martin could be a modest improvement over some of the true dregs of the league.

Hmm, I probably shouldn't take so much pleasure in all of this misery befalling players/teams who did nothing to wrong me.  Maybe I'm just a bad person.

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  1. Martin might be better at guard considering he's a bad tackle..I love oregon defenders but dion jordan is gonna be a busr