Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money!

If you were going to pay a quarterback $126 million over the next 6 years, with $61 million of it guaranteed, who would you pay it to?  Let's blindly look at the cumulative 2012-2013 statistical production of two very different quarterbacks.  Yes, this is basically like the Dating Game.

      GS*      Comp. %         Yards          YPA   TD Rate      Int Rate      Sack Rate
QB #1 16 62.54% 4590 7.88 5.67% 1.20% 8.24%
QB #2 23 59.77% 5011 7.90 4.88% 1.73% 8.67%

*GS = Games Started

I'm not saying that there is necessarily a correct answer to this question, or that I even care about these sorts of  things.  I just find it interesting how casually teams throw about such obscene amounts of money, with little regard for the long term consequences.  It's especially amusing when one of these two quarterbacks was a rather highly drafted  prospect, while the other was a bit unheralded and couldn't even get his coach to commit to him as the team's starter.  Can you tell which player is which?  Who would you prefer to have on your team?


  1. Ok obvious QB#2 is kapernick.... considering ur gonna use him as a blind guy to look at. it's obvious since he's started a season and a half....and he has a weak compleition QB#1 who's QB#1?

    1. Nick foles? I like foles.....but I think he's a little overrated. he flat out struggled against the cowboys in the 1st game.....not to mention he had insanley good protection last year (Highest graded o-line by PFF) not to mention the defense paying attention to lesean mccoy and most of his yardage coming from screens to lesean,desean,....Between foles and kapernick. I'd take kapernick because of his rushing ability foles is a good QB. but the stats don't tell the whole story.....kaepernick has a higher ceiling....with a better team around him. He will be the more succesful QB. at least for the next season or two.