Sunday, November 22, 2015

Flacco: Making It Rain Corrections

In our most recent post, we were looking at the potential ways that a contract renegotiation with Joe Flacco could play out.  We presented 3 different scenarios, which had outcomes that covered Flacco taking a reduced salary to stay with the Ravens, and two possibilities under which it would appear to be favorable for Flacco to force his way off of the team, in order to sign a contract with someone else.  Unfortunately, we had a massive brain-fart when we were doing some of the math that compared the money that Flacco would pocket under these different scenarios.

When comparing the "new money" Flacco would receive in Scenario 2 to Scenario 1, and then comparing the same funds in Scenario 3 to Scenario 1, we repeatedly made the same mistake.  We idiotically forgot that the bonus money would be in Flacco's pocket from day one of signing any of these new contracts.  In the initial posting, we were just summing his cumulative annual salary, over a 2 year span, a 3 year span and a 4 years span, without remembering that this bonus money would be his from the very beginning.  This was very stupid of us.

None of this changes the proposed contracts we were discussing, it simply alters the sections of that post which related to year to year comparisons of how much Joe will receive in these different situations.  The numbers have now been corrected, and currently point even more strongly than before to Scenario 3 being the most advantageous route for Flacco and his agent to take.  Over a 2 year span, Scenario 3 gives Flacco 49.7% more cash.  Over a 3 year span, Scenario 3 gives him 33.3% more cash.  Even in year 4, which Flacco possibly wouldn't reach in the Scenario 1 contract that has him staying with the Ravens, Flacco would be receiving 15.5% more cash by going with Scenario 3. 

We apologize for being morons, but we were on a bit of a caffeine high when we wrote that post.

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