Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 3: Completely Stumped

It's because of trying times like this, that I generally post my thoughts a day after an event has occurred.  I find it is best to get a good night's sleep to clear my head before going off on some rant about how a team is being run by REDACTED REDACTED individuals.  The last thing I want is for my temper to cause me to say something that I will regret about some REDACTED questionable decisions that the Ravens, or any other team, may have made. 

Still, I really have to wonder what the Ravens have been thinking during the past couple of days.  The idea that they employ an 'Analytics Department' strikes me as laughably REDACTED.  Out of the nine players they selected in the 2014 draft, there were only two that I think have a significant chance of performing at a reasonably high level.  No, I'm definitely not talking about C.J. Mosley or Timmy Jernigan.  The players that they chose which interest me most are John Urschel and Michael Campanaro, who the team selected with two of their last three selections.  So, maybe Ravens fans have that to look forward to in three years when they are finally given a chance to play.  You didn't really think that competing for a starting job in training camp was a real thing did you?  No, the starting jobs will almost always go to the highest drafted players, regardless of whether they deserve them or not.

The saddest, and possibly most cover up story, from this draft may end up being the Ravens decision to exploit cheap third-world labor, to fill out their roster.  Drafting Canadian born John Urschel and Brent Urban, suggests a potentially disturbing collapse of ethics on the part of the Ravens organization.  I can understand how being able to dangle the threat of deportation over these young players, and the dread they must feel about returning home to slave away in cold poutine mines, might give a player added motivation to perform, but it just doesn't seem right to me.  Hopefully whatever wealth these players can scrape together will go towards buying their families' way out of the harsh Canadian gulags that they undoubtedly dwell in.  Oh, we want our ham (that's bacon, for our north of the border readers), but we don't want to know where it comes from.  Personally, I find this exploitation of a simple backwoods people to be deplorable.

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